Marina Brianne Taryn Elyce Connie
Brielle Shannon Jess Bella Limeri

Q: Why should someone choose Serenity Hair Lounge?
A: We are precision stylists with an ability to customize your look to match your personality and style.

Q: Why do you love hair and beauty?
A: I love the ability to make others feel beautiful by the changes I create in their hair

Q: What's your beauty specialty/niche?
A: Ability to see beauty in everything

Q: How would your clients describe you and your style?
A: Laid back, understanding and professional

Q: Who/what do you look to for inspiration?
A:Individuality and creativity is most inspiring

Q: What makes you feel beautiful inside and out?
A: A good hair day with a positive outlook on the day

Q: What does the best day of your hair/beauty career looked like?
A: Learning and sharing my skills with my clients and other hairdressers